New Update Released!

New Update Released!
  • add -p:BuildInParallel=true to VS instructions
  • cmake: remove invalid opt /std:c++11 for MSVC
  • win: check APPDATA if LOCALAPPDATA is not found
  • transifex pull
  • transifex push/pull
  • Allow "Browse" to be translated.
  • Fix toggles for video/audio layer options on menu.
  • Show all commands available on menu.
  • Adjust MMX menu variable and position.
  • how messages about operations of state slot.
  • Allow translation of the words Open and Quit.
  • Add extra keys default input when using GUI.
  • Fix compilation issue when ENABLE_DEBUGGER=Off.
  • builder: msys2 fixes
  • Check ASAN support when ENABLE_ASAN=ON.
  • transifex pull
  • cmake: check for ffmpeg >= 4.0.4